Juan Peterson


Juan Peterson loves sports of all kinds, and one day he’d like to coach a middle school or high school sports team. Equal to his love of sports is his love of reading and writing. Juan was first encouraged to write in high school, when one of his teachers submitted a screenplay Juan wrote to the National Honors Society where it won an award. Juan has been a member of Free Minds Book Club for 14 years, since the organization’s beginning, and his favorite book is Standing at the Scratline, a novel by Guy Johnson, the son of Maya Angelou. Juan believes strongly in giving back to his community, and he currently serves as a Poet Ambassador for Free Minds, a role that facilitates community feedback for poems and other pieces of writing to send to incarcerated writers to allow them to improve their craft. His role as a father has taught him that his main goal is to make sure that his son has the freedom and space to enjoy his childhood. As such, he’s interested in starting a daycare service to allow other parents to achieve the same goal for their children, and he hopes to gain the business skills to run and operate his own business.

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