Alexander Campbell


Alexander Campbell is most looking forward to using the Pivot Program as a platform to continue his education. Ultimately, he would like to get a degree in film and African-American studies. He is a playwright, and he has written, produced, and acted in nine plays, including eight while he was incarcerated, and one since his release two years ago. Since his release, Alexander has completed the DC Central Kitchen Culinary Program, where he held an internship at the Line Hotel. He and his wife of one year are both highly involved with their church, and Alexander is a member of the prison ministry where he volunteers at youth facilities to speak to and provide guidance for adjudicated youth. He continues to learn about different religions, and has read the Bible and the Quran multiple times. He continues to write plays, with which he aims to educate, spiritually fulfill, and entertain others. He hopes to finish his next play within the year.

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