For Employers

Employ A Pivot Program Fellow

We are seeking support from firms and organizations that are willing to provide an internship placement for one of our fellows during the academic year. Because stipends are paid by the D.C. Department of Employment Services, there is no cost to employers. The principal goals of these internships are to:

  • Provide the fellows with meaningful work experience;
  • Allow fellows to develop the skills and habits needed for success in the workplace; and
  • Develop productive relationships with colleagues and supervisors.

Toward the end of the academic year, many of our Pivot Program fellows will be seeking employment with corporate, small business, nonprofit, and public sector organizations throughout the District and surrounding areas.

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Become Involved / Learn More

We are eager to engage with all members of the community who are interested in the issues surrounding returning citizens and criminal justice reform.

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If you are member of the business and entrepreneurship communities and are interested in coaching, funding, or providing business and technical support services to our Pivot Program graduates and entrepreneurs, please contact