The classroom component comprises a combination of liberal arts/critical thinking, business fundamentals, entrepreneurship, and professional/life skills, which includes basic technology training. There also is a heavy emphasis on written and verbal communication, and we coach students on the ability to present their personal narrative in a credible, concise, and compelling way.

Throughout the program, participants also incubate their own business ideas under the guidance of experienced mentors. Regardless of whether they ultimately choose to own and operate their own business, we believe the entrepreneurial skill set will create a greater sense of agency and empowerment, resulting in a more positive career trajectory.

Toward the end of the academic program, participants will select one of two transition tracks: permanent employment or venture incubation. Those who prefer to seek employment will be placed in full-time internships with employment partners to gain additional resume experience and employer references. Those who are ready to create their own companies will receive access to space, pro-bono legal and business services, coaching, and introductions to funding sources.

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