Antonio Arnett


When Antonio Arnett became a licensed barber in 2002, he noticed that he could make a better living by owning his own barber’s shop. He now has different entrepreneurial ideas, and he has already turned down a job as a community advocate with the DC government to participate in the Pivot Program. Antonio credits his calm demeanor and exceptional ability to connect with others to his mother, who was a teacher in DC and who owned and operated a daycare service. With the help of the Pivot Program, Antonio wants to explore the possibility of starting a 24-hour daycare. While incarcerated, Antonio started a mentoring program in his facility to bring younger inmates services such as tutoring and counseling and to introduce them to concepts such as banking and personal finance. Antonio enjoys a wide range of sports, from tap dancing to football and basketball. He is father to 12 year-old Abigail, who is his guiding strength and motivation.

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