Chandra Adams


Chandra Adams has always loved homes, and she previously started two businesses in real estate, one as a real estate investment company and one as a real estate brokerage company. She completed courses towards a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Arizona; she then became a registered investment advisor and later became a licensed real estate broker. Ultimately, she wants to start a real estate development company, and she is interested in exploring issues around low-income housing in DC. In recent years, Chandra has also immersed herself in the issue of support for children of the incarcerated, and she has written a business plan for a nonprofit to address the needs of these children. She continues to be inspired by her tight-knit family, including her three daughters. She is an artist with skills in painting, drawing, and home projects, and she uses art as a way to further connect with her three daughters, all of whom are talented artists themselves.

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