Monte Pollard


Monte Pollard comes to Pivot with a professional background in community engagement and community outreach. He has worked as a program manager for violence intervention for Collaborative Solutions for Communities, as a community relations specialist for the Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizen Affairs (MORCA), and as an employment coach for the Department of Employment Services (DOES). His dream is to one day contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to oversee the halfway houses in the mid-Atlantic region. Monte believes that a half-way house, or transitional housing, can be a critical junction for returning citizens, and he believes that if run well, a highly trained staff can build relationships with residents will be critical to reducing recidivism.

As the second oldest of seven siblings, Monte taught himself how to cook early on and still likes to watch anything that has to do with the culinary arts. No matter what dish he makes, he adds to the beauty of his plate with an artistic garnish or a tasteful finishing touch.

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