Timothy Thomas


Since his release in May 2019, one of Tim Thomas’s greatest wonders is seeing “just how beautiful” his home city of Washington has become. He is a Project Empowerment graduate where he worked at the Alliance for Concerned Men, a nonprofit that provides outreach and social services to at-risk youth in DC. While in prison, he earned an associate’s degree in electronic technology and an associate’s degree in liberal arts, all while working for many years as a law clerk in the facility where he worked to assist other prisoners with successful filings of motions and briefs. He is also one class shy of earning a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. In addition, he ordered books and took courses to teach himself about financial literacy, including subjects like mutual funds and options markets, and he used his knowledge to help develop a curriculum for financial literacy and investment classes for others in his facility. His goal is to provide respected, effective leadership to communities that need financial literacy and to help others rebuild their credit and plan for retirement. Tim is also an avid dancer who loves music as diverse as classical Tchaikovsky, R&B, and jazz.

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