Get to Know Tariq Gaston

What brought you to the Pivot Program?

After reading on the website, the things that Pivot could do to help me evolve as a person really got me.

What keeps you motivated?

God, my family, and my aspirations of being successful keep me motivated.

What’s your main goal for the future?

My main goal for the future is to create generational wealth for my family and myself. I want to change the stigma around people that have been incarcerated, and just the overall look at us.

What’s been the best part of Pivot so far?

The Design Thinking class has been my favorite part of Pivot by far. It has expanded my mind and pushed me to think broader. I’m just starting to connect with different people in the business world that I hadn’t met before.

Who’s your favorite musician?

Number one for sure is J. Cole, but please don’t tell anyone — I’m a Swiftie.

What do you do for fun?

I like rock climbing, skydiving, and bowling. I just try to enjoy life, adventure, and new things.