Baker Scholars Program Fundraises for Pivot

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This November, the Baker Scholars Program is hosting a “Bakers Give 5” event in collaboration with the Georgetown Pivot Program. 

The Baker Scholars Program offers unique exposure to a range of businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises to a select group of undergraduates in Georgetown’s College. Through community service activities and education about corporate social responsibility, the program drives students to reflect upon how individuals and businesses can be powerful agents of positive change.

This month’s service activity was inspired by a desire to connect and give back in a virtual setting, according to Chloe Quigley, a Baker Scholar and current Georgetown senior.  

“In light of the pandemic and everything else going on in the world, we were thinking: how can we not only still get together as a community, as Bakers and serve, but also address or meet some kind of need that we see in our community?” Quigley said.

Suggestions for participants include calling five loved ones or baking five pies for neighbors. 

“It’s just about how we can give five this fall, so whether that be giving five to yourself – by doing reflection or taking a walk or journaling – or by giving five to your neighbors or loved ones by calling them and encouraging them,” Quigley said.

“The goal is really to give back to our communities, to ourselves, to the people we love in however way we see fit,” Quigley added.

As an optional part of the event, the Baker Scholars Program is asking participants to give $5 to donate to Pivot’s annual pitch competition, where Pivot Fellows pitch their business ventures to a panel of judges for startup funding. 

The Baker Scholars Program first engaged with the Pivot Program last year. The Baker Scholars had the opportunity to listen to some of the Pivot Fellows discuss their business ideas and ask questions. 

After meeting the Pivot Fellows, the collaboration between the Baker Scholars Program and Pivot just seemed like a natural partnership, Quigley said.

“I was just absolutely amazed by all the pitches and business ideas and the innovation and saw the potential to help make it a larger fund for those Fellows to then take on their businesses,” Quigley said. 

To sign up for the “Bakers Give 5” event, click here. Donations will be accepted from November 15 to November 21.