How the Pivot Program allowed me to learn and grow, tell my story, and develop the business skills I need to succeed.

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“While incarcerated, I always felt like I couldn’t breathe; like I was under water. It was like a dream where you scream but no one can hear you. I have never felt as helpless as I felt during my incarceration. It was as if the whole world had crumbled down and nothing good could ever happen again. Even after my faith and zeal were restored in that space, there were times when I still felt broken. I just wanted it to end. Every day I woke up and all I saw was orange, four walls, and pain. When visitors came into the units and walked around looking at us, I felt like an animal in the zoo.”

Pivot 2020 Graduate Izuo-Ere “Mimi” Digifa discusses her journey through immigration, incarceration, and the Pivot Program.

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