Increasing employment pathways for returning citizens in Washington, DC

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Alyssa Lovegrove shares lessons learned from the Georgetown Pivot Program’s work with employers to advance second chance hiring.

This white paper appears in the Handbook on the Business of Sustainability, republished with permission from Edward Elgar Publishing. To view as a PDF, click here.

Sustainable employment is one of the key pillars of successful reentry for formerly incarcerated people returning home to their communities. While state and national policies like “Ban the Box” are an important piece of creating more opportunities for returning citizens, the private sector can take an active role in advancing second chance hiring.

This white paper, written by Georgetown Pivot Program Executive Director Alyssa Lovegrove, describes what distinguishes Pivot’s approach from that of other transitional employment programs. It further outlines how reentry service providers, in partnership with prospective employers, can help more individuals with a criminal conviction access sustainable wage employment opportunities.